Monday, February 27, 2012

Wood grain are you insane?

Destruction breeds creation. When something falls apart it leaves room for a new beginning and gives you the freedom to do your own thing. I have had many opportunities through my previous projects to rediscover the value and creative challenges that come with trying something different. Thankfully, that has helped me to integrate old and new materials with unique techniques to construct a truly bespoke ride.

My bicycle specifications are as follows:
-Chromoly vintage bike frame;
-Diatech Dirty Harry brake levers;
-Shimano Tiagra 4600 brake callipers;
-Shimano crank set;
-Tange forks;
-Brooks seat;
-Wood stick handle bar.
Bike against a wall mural in Leichardt Sydney.

Woodstick handle bar.

Close up of Brooks seat and wood grain paint work.

Special thanks to John Holloway from Cycle Stop for helping me with this Frankenstein build and Michael from AQUA DIP for the amazing paint job.

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