Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reinventing a Vespa PART II

Rather than discarding the other half of my scooter, I converted the leg shield into a comfortable lounge chair. If you are curious about what happened to the back, look in the blog archive for my post titled “Reinventing a Vespa”.

AFTER: Lounge chair.
AFTER: Lounge chair.
AFTER: Lounge chair.


scootergirl said...

Looks great to a Vespa lover, but as it's now a chair - I have to ask - is it comfortable? Good design is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. This 'looks' good, but how well does it serve its purpose?

Marius said...

I love this one.
I drive a veteran Vespa my self, and would love to have such a chair too!
nice work, mate!

Reinventing Wheels said...

Hi Marius, thanks for your comments; it’s reassuring to know that you’re motivated by my creation. I have some other up cycled items in my older posts that you may also find interesting. I would love to see a picture of whatever you end up making if you do end up deciding to make something! One thing you should keep in mind is that it’s a labour of love = enjoyable, challenging and frustrating but rewarding!

Scootergirl, the seating ergonomics are not the best considering it was once the leg shield of a Vespa and was never designed to be sat on. I have just spent some time sitting in it and I must say it’s surprisingly comfortable.


Amy Lynn said...

Absolutely stunning! I have a Vino 125 for riding, but when I see this kind of reuse of old scooters, it makes me wish I could do this! I'd create all new furniture for my crafting/computer room. Your two Vespa redos are truly art!