Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mario Kart comes to life

To mark the release of Mario Kart 7, Nintendo commissioned West Coast Customs to construct life size models of Mario and Luigi's actual go-karts from the game.

Wishing he could use an industrial-sized growth machine from the movie "Honey I blew up the kid", Ryan Friedlinghaus and his crew from WCC were faced with the challenge of turning every gamers dream into a reality. The end results are pretty impressive and speak for themself.

On a tangent, here is a scenario to think about: You are driving home from a hard day of work, you encounter a really slow driver who is making the journey extremely frustrating, and with no way to overtake, what do you do? Does this sound familiar? No worries, just look through your weapon inventory for a green turtle shell that will solve all your problems. 

Mario's kart.
Pedals inside Mario's kart.
Luigi's kart.

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